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Living on the Edge of Vision:

Near Term (25 years) 1. Direct Air Capture and Sequestration of CO2.

Mid term (50 years) 2. Mitigating the Drought in the US Southwest

Long Term (200 years) 3. Significantly Influencing the Earth’s Hydrological


The proximate source of the problem.

Mankind is endowed with an intellect which allows recall of the recent past; an assessment of current assets; and the planning of steps to be taken to attain a visualized and desired outcome.

Along with this profoundly powerful utilitarian capacity, there has arisen in the human psyche the ego, or “I thought”, which has sustained the illusion of separation from the environment.

The “successes” of human enterprise,-( as directed by aspirations of the individual, clan, tribe, state, and nations.)- constitute, in the aggregate, an existential threat to the continuation of civilization, and perhaps Life itself, on this planet. The Earth, once seen as boundless in it’s resources, is now losing it’s vitality at a rate unseen in the geological record, as measured by the rate of species extinction.

Presuming that humankind will address the many institutionalized aspects of society which must be changed in order to thrive, there remains the inexorable facts of rapid climate change, whose increasingly deleterious effects are only just beginning to be felt.

World leaders and policy makers generally appear to be cognizant of the looming catastrophic consequences of “Global Atmospheric Warming” (and related consequences arising from excess CO2), and are endeavoring to install procedures which will reduce the rate at which we are rushing towards a poorly defined “tipping point”, at which time self reinforcing feedback mechanisms will cause massive global species extinction.

The increasing circulating atmospheric CO2 arising from human activities, (principally the burning of carbonaceous fuels), is the main factor in the rising temperature gradient. In the mid 1800's, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 was ~ 275 PPM: the current concentration is slightly above 400 PPM, and the rate of increase continues to rise.

Given the momentum of human activities, it is of critical importance that a methodology be developed and employed to capture excess CO2 directly from the ambient circulating air.

The following describes a way to effect this desired outcome, while also producing desirable ancillary benefits.

The document is organized as follows:


Proposed Construct




Ancillary Benefits

Downwind Precipitation

Current “next steps” and “needs analysis”

Future Actions

Cycling CO2 from ocean water

Offsetting O2 deprived seasonal “dead areas”

Increasing cloud cover and rainfall

Notes and references

Patent reference

Pat.pend. Docket 11149
“Carbon Dioxide Direct Air Capture and Sequestration Utilizing Endorheic Basin Alkaline Deposits to Effect Mineral Carbonation”
(David O. Newell)

Paper reference

“Spray Turbines to increase Rain by Enhanced Evaporation from the Sea”
10th Congress of International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean, Crete, May 2002
(Stephen Salter, Division of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

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Comment by David O. Newell on December 4, 2013 at 4:34pm

F Y I,

I have acquired


and will have this and the supporting documentation up soon.



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